Monday, June 30, 2008

Hometown Visit

Well, not quite hometown, but hanging in Philly has been great (not to mention highly caloric).  Yesterday was a fantastic brunch party at the Four Seasons, where it was wonderful getting to catch up with so many Allentown folks and a take a breather from the book tour for a couple hours.  Sending out a huge hug to Eric Allen, the catering manager there, for making everything so wonderful for us--it really was a perfect party.  

Don't think that heaping quantities of pastries, blintzes, Bloody Marys, fruit, bagels, lox, and the most incredible omelette bar I've ever laid eyes on was sufficient, though--no, no, no.   A mere three hours after brunch was over, a group of us made our way over to Geno's for cheesesteaks (and Diet Cokes, natch).  For you purists who would appreciate this, I ordered mine with onions and Cheese Whiz, and finished the whole gigantic disgustingly delicious thing.  
This morning I finally got back to work (this is a book tour, after all, and not--as I seem to think--a reason to eat my way through every sizable city in the continental United States) with an interview on Good Day Philadelphia.  I panicked slightly when Chanel asked "Do you think there's a readership for books like yours?"  (Uh, I hope so.  I'm praying that it's not only my immediate family buying those books out of guilt and obligation), but overall it was quick and painless.  Went directly from there to Marathon Grill, my all-time favorite brunch place in Philly with my friend Alli for--you guessed it--yet another meal, and I'm headed out now to read tonight at the Barnes & Noble on Walnut Street.  Come say hi if you're nearby, and if I miss you tonight, there's always DC tomorrow night.....xxxx


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