Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sweltering in Houston But Good Times All Around

Signing the author wall at Blue Willow Books

Blue Willow put together a gorgeous window display, complete with a ring-stacked stiletto

My friends Dan and Taryn came out to say hello (and thankfully refrained from asking any questions during the reading). Hopefully LaDainian had fun too......

Houston was on fire (it felt like 100+ degrees with 100% humidity), but Blue Willow Bookshop put on one hell of a great event last week. Almost a hundred people turned out for wine, Champagne, and an excerpt or two from Chasing Harry Winston--one of the most fun events of the entire tour.

Afterwards, a group of us went out for dinner and had a blast. After weeks of bland hotel chicken Caesar salads, I pleaded for something with some taste, and Houston more than delivered. We hit up El Tiempo for fajitas and queso, the undeniable best purveyor of both in the continental United States, and the margaritas weren't too lousy either. All in all, Houston rocked. And if anyone can figure out how to package and ship that queso.....


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