Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Road Show Hits San Diego...finally!

Getting ready to head into Warwick's, nervous as always before readings

Rick and Kiley came by to say hello and show us the ropes in La Jolla (note: terror on Rick's face at the thought that his wife might force him to read this book)

Answering great questions from a lively San Diego crowd.....

There are definitely worse places to visit on a book tour than San Diego, and not surprisingly, we had a great time.  Granted, it was absolutely freezing (San Diego has the world's best PR--ask anyone who doesn't live there, and they'll swear it's got the best weather in the country), but we survived so-called June Gloom like champions (translation: we complained the whole time to anyone who would listen).  

Mike met me at the airport and we proceeded downtown to the W Hotel, a super trendy place with an awesome terraced "beach" complete with fire pit and all sorts of beautiful people.  Or so we heard.  We spent most of our time there alternately huddled in multiple layers of all the clothing we'd packed and riding the pitch-black, disco-fabulous elevators up and down, all the time wondering who thought to put strobe lights in hotel elevators.

When we finally forced ourselves into the harsh cold world, we headed to the hills for the night's reading.  Warwick's, an awesome independent bookstore in La Jolla, hosted a great event.  Afterwards, we had dinner at George's with friends Rick and Kiley (featured above), and while gazing out over the majestic Pacific, briefly wondered--as every New Yorker who visits San Diego inevitably does--why the hell we don't live there.  Then a blast of arctic air hit, and we remembered: New York might only have two decent weeks of weather a year, but when they happen, they're heavenly.  

That, and you don't have to drive.  I hope the Hertz people aren't reading this--or, come to think of it, the S&S publicity department--but we returned to our trusty rental car after dinner only to discover we'd lost the keys.  Rick finally noticed that the idiot New Yorkers (who haven't driven on a daily basis in ten-plus years) had left the keys in the ignition and the car doors unlocked for no less than five straight hours.  And no one took the car!  If that's not reason enough not to love La Jolla, nothing is....


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