Monday, June 16, 2008

Dreams Do Come True: CHW in US Weekly

US Weekly hits my mailbox every Thursday, which means 2 p.m. rolls around and I can be found in my building's mailroom with outstretched arms and an embarrassingly eager smile. However, the one week I'm late to the game--and five days late at that, thanks to highly outdated issues in a remote mountain hotel gift shop--is the only one that really matters. Although I still haven't seen a hard copy, a friend was kind enough to forward me this little clipping from this week's US Weekly (apparently, Andrew Firestone is on the cover....why, I have no idea).

I've been lucky to have my books mentioned in every publication from The New York Times to People magazine to The Atlantic Monthly to USA Today, but nothing--and I really mean nothing--gives me more pleasure than seeing Chasing Harry Winston nestled comfortably in the pages of my all-time favorite publication.

Stay tuned for updated tour pictures, and if you're in the San Francisco/Corte Madera area, come say hello! I'll be reading at Book Passage tonight in Corte Madera and tomorrow night at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Click here for all the info.


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