Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30, 2007

How do you spell S-L-A-C-K-E-R? It's been forever since I updated everyone on all the exciting news (and by "everyone," I mean "the four or six of you steadfast souls who regularly read these entries").

Congratulations to Meryl Streep on her, oh yes, Golden Globe win for best actress and her—yawn, ho-hum—ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATION. And a huge congratulations also to Pat Field for her Oscar nom, Emily Blunt for winning multiple BAFTA's, and Aline McKenna for her Scripter nomination, an award that recognizes authors and screenwriters of a produced book-to-film adaptation.

Had a great time at the CAA Golden Globes after-party a couple weeks ago. Mike and I spent the entire night trying to appear calm, cool, and collected (and totally unimpressed, of course) with the parade of celebrities. Basically, this consisted of death-gripping—and sometimes double-fisting—glasses of champagne. I would hiss something along the lines of "George Clooney, two o'clock" and Mike would respond with "Did you see Penelope's amazing...uh...figure, in that dress?" We managed to maintain a modicum of dignity with TomKat, Nicole, Naomi, Renee, Demi & Ashton, Sienna, Justin, and J.Lo spottings, but Posh (sans Becks) and House from House nearly put us over the edge. I like to think we were Stalker Chic and not too terrifying, but that may be wishful thinking.

Speaking of celebrities...with so many of you writing to ask what lucky dog inspired Millington the Yorkie in Everyone Worth Knowing (okay, so it's been like two people in four years, but whatever), I realize that I've never properly introduced Mitzy the Maltese. Below is a picture of Mitzy walking the mean streets of New York. She looks like she's about to jump a Metro North train to Westchester with a copy of the Times, doesn't she?

Please keep writing! Lord knows I'm not.

xx Lauren



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