Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stella (left) and Mitzy (right) duke it out on the rough streets of New York

Finally back and settled into being home and enjoying every moment.  I should be outlining plans for the next book (an am, if my editor or agent happen to be reading this, I really am), but it's just been such a lovely summer so far.  

In book news, Barnes & Noble chose to feature all three books (TDWP, EWK, and CHW) on their stepladder this week.  If you get a chance, stop by and see the awesome displays they have set up at the entrance of all their stores.  Thanks to B&N for their incredible support.

Otherwise, not too much to report.  Spending way too much time at the new Whole Foods that just opened in Tribeca (been there every day for the last five), playing with the dogs, and alternately shaking my head at the masses lined up 10-deep to buy an iPhone and wishing I were one of them.  Oh yeah, and outlining!  Constantly outlining.  As always, I invite you to write in with any story ideas.  You'll get zero acknowledgement/credit (and I'll vehemently deny taking your idea), but if you don't mind that, send away!  xxx

Monday, July 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone! It might be Monday, but hell, Nicole Kidman doesn't seem to know that (she named her Monday-born kid Sunday today), so I'm going to pretend I don't either. It's indescribably wonderful to be back home after nearly five weeks on tour. Not that it wasn't fun--because actually getting to meet you all was the great part--but I definitely started to fantasize about sleeping in my own bed. Upon returning last week, I promptly slept for two entire days and then spent time reveling in the small things: taking a Diet Coke from my fridge without getting charged $6, roaming around in only a T-shirt without needing to post the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, and my personal favorite, taking a bath without having to envision what grossness may have preceded me.

Home has been so wonderful, in fact, that I refused to leave it. Unlike most fellow New Yorkers, Mike and I did something blasphemous this Fourth of July weekend: we stayed in the city. I know! It's horrifying to admit, but we actually had a long overdue NYC weekend. We saw Tell No One at the Sunshine Cinema and both loved it (not only was it well-written and acted, but it was also subtitled, which had the added bonus of making it feel like a cultural undertaking instead of just an awesome movie), had a BBQ with friends on their roof deck, hit some golf balls at Chelsea Piers (and by "hit" I really mean "attempted to make occasional contact with said golf balls"), met some other friends at Dean's for brick-oven pizza, walked the dogs along the Hudson River, and generally ate more Pinkberry than anyone should admit to--ever.

Merely reporting this has exhausted me, so I'm off to find more yogurt and another nap, in that order. xxx