Thursday, November 9, 2006

November 9, 2006

Let's just get right to the point: if, for some unfathomable reason, you haven't yet seen Borat, I strongly recommend sprinting to the nearest theater. I had the odd experience of watching a mockumentary about a faux-Kazakh while visiting Aruba last week, and while not every joke translated exactly, it was worth it to see an Aruban audience laugh hysterically at the New York City subway scene. Sprint now.

Aruba was terrific, but unfortunately it meant I was out of town for the airing of the Quill Awards on NBC last weekend. The actual ceremony was held at the Museum of Natural History in the beginning of October, and I was thrilled and honored that The Devil Wears Prada received the first annual 2006 Variety Quill Award for Blockbuster Book to Film. Check out some pictures from that wonderful evening.

Also wanted to say a huge thank-you to everyone who's written to me lately. In trying to meet my deadline for book #3 I've been remiss about responding, but please know I read—and love—every single email! Thanks especially to the following readers who have recently written in from all over the world. Better not send me your mailing addresses or I'm likely to show up for a visit....

Mauricio H. and Paty L. from Mexico
Sashka A. from Bulgaria
Irina S. and Anton P. from Russia
Maria N. from Argentina
Kayhan T. from Turkey
Kari H. from Finland
Nurit O. from Israel
Federico A. from Peru
David D. from Spain
Lizbeth S. from Denmark
Federica S. from Italy
Kumudu K. from Sri Lanka
Alexandra B. from Sweden
Vida P. from India
Joy C. from Croatia

Please keep writing!