Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 17, 2006

Welcome to the first installment of what will surely be my rarely-updated, completely-neglected blog. Only, I hate the word "blog"—it's up there with "panties," "pucker," and "moist"—so maybe from now on we can call it something really creative and clever, like my First Online Diary.

I've decided to start my FOD because I have been receiving massive amounts of emails and letters from all you readers, and I have been utterly horrid about responding in anything resembling a timely fashion. But please please please know that I read—and obsess over—each and every word you send my way. There are nights I'm so consumed by all the ideas and anecdotes you share that I keep reading your emails....straight through a new Entourage or a rerun of Grey's Anatomy. Now that's love. So please don't give up on me yet. Keep writing, and I swear I will eventually respond (read: just as soon as this season of One Ocean View is over).

Things are finally settling down a bit after a busy early summer spent following all The Devil Wears Prada movie developments. For far longer than is healthy or normal, I dedicated twelve hours a day to watching all the TiVo'd episodes of Meryl, Anne, and Stanely do the talk-show circuit. I instituted random walk-bys of the theater near my apartment to see if any shows were sold out and began anonymously interviewing people who were exiting the movie. I downed extra large coffees from the corner bodega to make possible late-night internet stalking of the day's reviews. There was barely a moment to see the movie myself (I have only managed seven times so far) before collapsing into bed under a framed copy of the official movie poster. But I recognize that it's time to move on, and I promise that's exactly what I'm going to do—just after I post some new pictures from the premiere and a highly edited, completely biased collection of glowing TDWP movie reviews.

In related good news—and due in large part to the above mentioned movie buzz—The Devil Wears Prada hit #1 on The New York Times Bestseller List, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today this summer. The paperback of Everyone Worth Knowing also spent a good chunk of time various lists, albeit it a few slots behind Prada. I have only you, the loyal readers, to thank for welcoming both books into your lives (well, you and the marketing team at Fox 2000, of course).

So welcome. I'm thrilled to be up and running after a brief hiatus, and I can't wait to hear from you. Please continue to keep in touch—your emails are more addictive than all the "Stars: They're Just Like Us!" columns combined. And as you well know, that's saying an awful lot. I'll be back to update my FOD soon....